Monday, August 4, 2008

Not Quite the Dreyfus Affair

I appreciate your notes of condolence and sympathy, which I acknowledge privately, but will not publish here. Thanks.

Dreamed about the meeting place on a road outside of town. A board house or storefront with peeling gray paint, half-fallen down, windows. I go about sending additional stuff there to make it look even more cluttered. I want the place to appear stuffed with materials of some kind, maybe disorganized. Don’t know why, don’t know what. Third or forth time I have dreamed this.

Reading David Irving’s Radical Diary and see how he is set up by Max Blumenthal on video representing himself as a journalist for Nation, while working in this instance for Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center, a leading front for the Holocaust Industry. In this brief, casual interview, Irving makes one statement after another that is compromising in the eyes of media and most everywhere else.

For revisionists media is everything. There is no real conversation anywhere. I think about how it will be for me this time around, beginning in September. I will keep it very simple. “One person, with proof . . . ”


Paloma has just typed into the computer a story I call “Tools of Memory.” I have a number of stories that are ready to upload onto the Founder’s Page. Maybe this week. Maybe next. They are all work I did some time ago, but have yet to publish. We’ll see. I am reminded that in 1963, after the Henry Miller trial, after loosing interest in selling books and deciding over night to close down the bookstore, I put all my writing from Korea, from Mexico, New York City, South Central Los Angeles and Hollywood – everything from 1951 through that month in 1963 – in a couple boxes and carried them out to the alley behind the store and threw them in the dumpster there. Twelve, thirteen years’ work. It would be a new beginning.


I am getting a steady stream of suggestions from readers about where to look for specialized treatments for non-Hodgkins lymphoma, B-cell cancer. The literature appears to be endless. I don’t think there is any good reason for me to worry with it. I don’t have time. I can either spend my time researching treatment for the cancer, or working on a couple final revisionist projects. There is no guarantee with either, but I at least know a little about how I might forward the revisionist argument. With regard to the cancer, I would have to start from page one and devote all my time to it, with no guarantee. My inclination is to let it slide.

The VA hospital is going to use traditional methods to treat me, and they are going to be behind the curve. Only yesterday I was informed by the U.S. Navel Hospital in Balboa, where I was to get the Pet (full-body) scan, that their machine is out of order and the appointment will have to be put back another seven days. This is the final examination before Dr. Go begins treatment, so the beginning of treatment is set back yet another week. And so it goes.


In the New York Times (04 August) Roger Cohen reports that “France has gone off the deep end over a brief item in the country’s leading satirical magazine portraying the relationship between President Nicolas Sarkozy’s fast-rising son, Jean, and his Jewish fiancée.

“The offending piece in [the weekly] Charlie Hebdo, a pillar of the left-libertarian media establishment, was penned last month by a 79-year-old columnist-cartoonist who goes by the name of Bob Siné. He described the plans — since denied — of Jean Sarkozy, 21, to convert to Judaism before marrying Jessica Sebaoun-Darty, an heiress to the fortune of the Darty electrical goods retailing chain.

Philippe Val, editor of Charlie Hebdo, demanded that Siné apologise for what he wrote and the old cartoonist replied (perhaps inspired by Jessie Jackson’s response to Barrack Obama’s rhetoric re Blacks) that he would rather “cut off his nuts.”

Cohen writes: “In the land of Dreyfusards and anti-Dreyfusards, the stage was now set for a great French drama, Internet-powered this time. The country, its blogs in overdrive, has split between defenders of the ousted Siné in the name of free speech and supporters of Val in the name of barring anti-Semitic hate speech.

“Several political bloggers have asked why Val, in the name of free speech and solidarity with a Danish newspaper under fire, bravely republished cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, but drew the line at Sine’s caricaturing of the purported relationship between Jews, money and an opportunistic young Sarkozy with a nascent political career in the department of Hauts-de-Seine, near Paris.”

In the Guardian it is reported: “At Liberation, editor Laurent Joffrin has attacked the anti-Semitism. 'Everything is there,' he said. 'The association of the Jew, money and power in one phrase ….'”

Norman Finkelstein addresses the association of “the Jew, money and power in one phrase” extensively in his The Holocaust Industry. I don’t know if he uses the word greed, but that’s what he’s talking about, and it angers him that the tragedy that befell his family and that of the European Jews generally is openly used to manufacture money, influence, and power for a greedy segment of organized Jews.

Revisionist arguments re Holocaust fraud and falsehood are especially dangerous to such people. The exploitation of the Holocaust story was used from its beginning and is used today to morally justify the conquest of Arab land in Palestine to benefit, primarily, the Jews of Europe. Put simply, since WWII how many Jewish villages in Palestine have been destroyed, and how many Arab villages? How many Jewish farms and orchards have been destroyed and how many Arab farms and orchards have been destroyed? How many Jewish families have lost everything in Israeli and/or occupied Palestine, and how many Arab families have lost everything there?

With regard to Jewish greed, it is reported on every day in the Israeli press. Jews take one more Arab orchard, one more Arab street, one more Arab hilltop, one more Arab farm. It never ends. Jews don’t make the equation of the endless “taking” of Arab property for themselves with the concept of greed. Jewish greed. They have a right to it. They were holocausted – by a different people, on a different continent, in a different age – but they were holocausted.

I am not arguing that greed does not exist in Arab or in Western cultures. Greed is deeply embedded in the species. Americans take it for granted that Arab culture by and large is despotic and ruled by greed. In America greed is part and parcel of market capitalism. Greed is good. But we do not condemn those who argue against greed in American culture, or argue against it elsewhere in Western culture. If you write about the expression of greed in Jewish culture, however, you are condemned for having commited a horrible breach of human civility. Jews were holocausted.

Thus the irony of Auschwitz. The heart of the Holocaust story. The greatest weapons of mass destruction ever conceived. Yet we don’t have the name of one person, with proof, who was “holocausted” in one of those satanic contraptions. Don’t worry about it. Take another house, another street, another hilltop. You deserve it. You were holocausted. The U.S. Congress will pay for it.

And thus the danger of revisionist arguments to what must be the most unattractive segment of the Jewish community worldwide.

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