Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Survivors: Block Yad Vashem

Racheli Gai of Jewish Peace News introduces an article appearing in Haaretz today.

She writes: "Most Jews (and many others) have thoroughly internalized the idea that a major justification for the existence of a Jewish state was/is to provide a "safe haven" for diaspora Jews, especially Jewish victims of persecution. In this category - Holocaust survivors are most prominent, perhaps altogether in a class by themselves.

"Yet, the Holocaust has been used, once and again, as a political tool by all Israeli governments. The story below gives us a rather appalling example of that, by providing some details on the miserable economic conditions under which the majority of Holocaust survivors live, and the state's responsibility for that."

In short, the Holocaust, and it's core (undemonstrated) story that Germans used WMD at Auschwitz to exterminate the Jews of Europe, has been used to morally justify creating a Jewish State on Arab land in Palestine and so much of what has gone along with that, as well as the appalling U.S. alliance with the Israeli State against the Arabs of Palestine.

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