Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To be fair is to oppose authority

Today I sent the letter addressed to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to the 140 Permanent Missions to the UN scattered around the globe. Yesterday my typist was still working on the address list. Sent the same Ban Ki-moon letter to five dozen radio talk shows.

Wrote an opinion piece based on the Ban Ki-moon letter I titled "President Ahmadinejad and Holocaust Denial" and sent it to campus newspapers around the country. It will introduce a number of student journalists to this Blog and the isues we deal with here. And the last couple days I identifed some 25 journalism departments that I need to get into my email lists and have sent the URLs to my local typist for sorting out.

There was a small conceptual advance in the Ban Ki-moon letter. It dealt with the UNESCO mandate to encourage a free flow of ideas, and for the first time I dealt with that and got in the One Person, with Proof question as well. Two birds with one letter, distributed widely through out the UN Bureaucracy. We'll see. Paso a paso.

Last few days it's been a struggle, but today I feel better than I have in some time. Why? No idea. And thanks to those of you who are continuing to send me info about how to deal with what I'm dealing with here.

I have run across a criptic note I wrote stating, "To be fair is to oppose authority." I don't recall the circumstances of my writing it. I'm not certain what I meant. I suppose sometimes it would be so, but other times not. I'm going to think about it (he says). To be fair is to oppose authority. There's something there.

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