Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Question for the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies

Rafael Medoff, Ph.D., Director
The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies
1200 G Street NW - Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005

06 September 2008

Dear Dr. Medoff:

In your recent article, “Rosh Hashanah 1944: A Holocaust Controversy,” you reference an advertisement that ran in the New York Times in 1944 sponsored by the Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People of Europe. a group led by “Peter Bergson," a young Zionist activist from Jerusalem.

The usual references to “gas chambers” at Auschwitz are repeated here, both by Bergson and yourself. The text of Bergson’s ad includes the statement: "… a Jewish New Year which mourns millions of our people, brutally murdered, burned alive, asphyxiated in gas chambers …” You yourself write “… no order was ever given to bomb the mass-murder machinery [that is, the “gas chambers” of Auschwitz].”

Because the charge that Germans murdered millions of civilians in gas chambers at Auschwitz is an assertion of “unique monstrosity,” it is morally just that we ask whether the charge has been shown to be true. To this point, we note that nowhere on the The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies Website do you provide the name, with proof, of one person who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz. Why is that?

I have asked several thousand academics and many prominent individuals employed by the Holocaust Industry, including Dr. Paul Shapiro, Director, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, to provide such a name. None has ventured an answer. I hope that you will be an exception to this dismaying rule of behavior, one of avoidance and suppression that has no place in our culture as we face deep moral and complicated historical issues.

Thank you for your attention.

Bradley R. Smith

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
Post Office Box 439016
San Ysidro California 92143

NOTE: I will copy this letter to a number of academics who teach journalism, to press on and off campus, and to those in relevant UNESCO sectors devoted to “free speech.”

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