Sunday, January 4, 2009

What’s Hamas got to do with it?

Those who support the Israeli attack on Gaza are right, in the sense that no government can permit the indiscriminate shelling of its territory.

I do not understand what the Hamas leadership believes it has been accomplishing by shelling Israeli territory when the Israeli military has such overwhelming power. I don’t understand Hamas tactics, and do not understand Hamas strategy.

I do believe I understand what lies behind it all, what Hamas and so many other Arabs and Muslims cannot digest. Jewish greed for Arab land in Palestine. This greed expressed itself most clearly following WWII, morally justified by the alleged extermination of Europe’s Jews in German gas chambers, a story that is a fraud. This expression of Jewish greed based in fraud continues to this day, morally justified by the German gas chambers, with Arab homes demolished, Arab orchards cut down, Arab land settled by Israeli Jews, Israeli military occupying Arab land and the Arabs living on it.

Jewish greed for Arab land is morally justified in a second way, via the fraudulent claim that Jews are God’s chosen people (you think?) and that the Arab land that Jews conquered and now occupy was given them by their god in perpetuity a few thousand years ago. This ancient tribal perspective is taken seriously by Jews and Christians, and by both houses of the U.S. Congress and one U.S. administration after another.

Jewish greed, Jewish monomaniacal self-regard, joined with the self-defeating and degenerate acquiescence of both by non-Jews throughout the American political system, media, and academic worlds, ensure that the taboo against questioning any of this murderous nonsense is enforced.

Taboo belongs in the same historical world as tribal gods and a god-chosen people but we, those of us who are not Jews, have acquiesced in the program of making a contemporary taboo out of the Jewish Holocaust story. We did it originally to distract ourselves from our own crimes against humanity during WWII, and we have pursued it since out of our own greed to morally justify the growing of the American Empire.

Revisionist arguments undercut the status of the Holocaust Marketing Industry, which is the one instrument that forwards the moral justification for all of it. This is why revisionist arguments are held to be so dangerous.

God, Jews, and gas chambers, a magical and tremendous trio.

What’s Hamas got to do with it?

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Anonymous said...

I agree that organized Jewry has exploited its narrative account of "eternal persecution" to justify seizing Arab land in Palestine. But even if the gas chamber story is true--and I find it highly suspect--it does not follow that the land grab is justified. I mean, what did Arabs have to do with the "unique monstrosity" of the Germans?

Mr. Smith says this "ancient tribal perspective [that God promised the Holy Land to the Jews in perpetuity] is taken seriously by Jews and Christians." He is correct, for the most part, when it comes to dispensationalist American Protestants. But the historical Catholic position is that the Church is the New Israel. He won't find that "ancient tribal perspective" espoused by any medieval, Renaissance or even 20th century popes.

I write this all as an American Catholic revisionist libertarian. I have no use for entangling alliances generally, let alone the disastrous "special relationship" U.S. elites have forged with that shitty little country halfway around the world.