Monday, April 27, 2009

University of New Mexico, again

Here is another letter from, apparently, a professor at UNM. I publish it here only to demonstrate to folk how it is with the American Professorial Class when it approaches our question. The professor's letter and my response are both posted here, along with a few other comments.

Dr Arthur Frederick Ide
posted 4/25/09 @ 9:51 AM MST

The legitimate conduct of inquiry requires the researcher to question all things--thus Darwin questioned creation and came up with the theory of evolution, Jeanette Rankin questioned why only men served in Congress and was the first woman elected to Congress, etc--and so it must be in all cases and all times--as not all evidence exists. While the Holocaust was a crime against humanity by the Third Reich, the numbers of those who perished has never been fully recorded, nor was it only Jews who suffered, for over 500,000 (by estimates) were gays and lesbians, 3 million were (by estimates) White Russians, and countless were Protestant ministers and their congregations, so to claim that the Holocaust was an attack solely on people of the Jewish faith or who identified it is wrong and illogical--for that is tantamount to denying the State of Israel's holocaust launched against the people of Gaza (most are Egyptian) and the Palestinians--and it is a holocaust not just a war. It is the obligation of researchers to verify evidence and attempt to come up with a more concrete accounting.

That is not to say that the holocaust was justified nor did it [not] exist--as records, photographs of executions, etc. as they are graphic proof of Nazi atrocities, but now (and for years to come) a true scholar will assess and reassess this atrocity and come up with something that is more (not absolutely) concrete.

Unfortunately I did not read the advertisement, but the author/sponsor of the advertisement who allegedly claimed the holocaust was a hoax is more than an idiot--for he/she shows no intellectual inquiry nor citations to prove such preposterous claims. Faculty Member Sippert is correct when he writes: " We also have authentic physical remains of the Holocaust, such as the camps themselves and their execution chambers." I have over 500 books in my personal library of photographs of executions as well as photographs of those starved to death, gassed, etc. Only one without any learning would claim the holocaust did not exist--and then only if she or he was a member of David Duke's KKK (and he was just expelled from the Czech Republic).


My Response

Dr. Ide:

The murderous Israeli behavior toward Palestinians is that, but not “genocide.” Genocide refers to the attempt to physically destroy an entire people. The Israelis are not attempting to do that, whatever we think of their brutality and inhumane self-absorption.

More importantly, according to your own words, you had not read the text of my advertisement when you used language referring to me as an idiot, unwilling to show intellectual inquiry, no citations to prove my preposterous claim that the holocaust was a hoax.

Are you a professor, or are you not? My ad did not claim what you write it claims. Who would know best—-the man who wrote it, or the professor who did not read it?

You silly fellow.

You write that only one without any learning would claim the holocaust did not exist. I will suggest to you and to students at UNM that only the silliest of professors would claim anything whatever about a text he has admittedly not read. Meanwhile, I urge students at UNM to read the text of the ad and then talk things over with you. Perhaps they will be able to help you in some small way.

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Anonymous said...

I think that Professor Ide wants to be known as a freethinker in much the same way as a housecat wishes to be thought of as a lion.
He may impishly prance away if his master opens 9-lives rather than tuna but he knows full well that the improper thoughts may find him flying through the air out into the yard, where the house dogs pretending to be wolves will humiliate him thoroughly.
He knows that even thinking about the holocaust, like looking through Galileo's telescope, is an imprudent move for a house kitty.
I can't really blame him, if I were safely ensconced in a university professorship I would clap and boo on cue. Even now from my lowly perch I fear that those who I love will suffer if I too brightly declare "The earth she moves!" So, Doctor Ide, I forgive you for your timid roar. ..... Look!, I think they're giving you tuna today....
Best regards.