Sunday, May 3, 2009

I’m going to do a once-over on the blog

As I move along you’ll tell me what you think. I’m sure

When I set up this page I modeled if after Deborah Lipstadt’s blog, simple, focused, no bells and whistles. I’m still good with that.

A few days ago I was going through Arts & Letters when I came across an article that went on a bit about Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish. I don’t follow any blogs, but I decided to take a look at this one. In about 15 minutes I decided that I would forget the Lipstadt model and use Sullivan as a model.

I mean the structure of his Dish, not his interests, which are much broader than mine. There is no possibility that I can make of this blog what he has made of his. But the structure, the form, the approach he uses. I think that’s what I should do, tho I understand that mine will be a pale imitation of his.

It amuses me to note that I first followed the model set up by what I suppose is a lady homosexual, tho she would never talk about it, and now I have turned to a model created by an avowed male homosexual who is committed to talking about it. Maybe Michael Savage is right. San Francisco (where apparently Savage lives), California, the entire nation have been taken over by the homosexuals.

I was going to go on about this tonight but we lost our electricity for three hours and now it’s too late. I’ll be on the other side for the next two days. Driving north across the border tomorrow up to Los Angeles for beer and pizza with the remnants of the old David McCalden group. David was the young man who invented The Institute for Historical Review back around 1978 and edited the first issues of its Journal. With regard to context, I am inclined to note here that David died of Aids. So did Keith Stimely, a later editor of the Journal. I gotta stop this.

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The blog works fine Bradley. It's the words that count.