Thursday, June 25, 2009

Debbie Lipstadt's bulletin board

A reader writes:

I have been thinking it's not very safe for you to give so much detail about your daily round, unless you actually live in Maine, not Baja. What may save you, I figure, is the pain you describe in such detail.

Visualize Debbie Lipstadt's bulletin board with your blog pinned up on it, with all your pains and failed painkillers underlined in red. I like to think she has a swinging door between her kitchen and dining room where she pins up your stories, but it could be on a cork bulletin board, next to the grocery list, by the telephone. Or there could be a manila folder that she reads, as a special treat, over a glass of Mogen David.

Visualize some kind of backroom staff trying to decide when to send the chainsaw guys, delicately balancing their skilled pain-making capabilities against your current condition.

So I thought, maybe, you should chronicle the voyage of a guinea worm tunneling through the muscles of your thigh. Something like that. You could string that one along for a few weeks, then introduce something else. Segue into it. So, a while before you got the guinea worm under control, you could, say, notice a sudden small blurring of your vision which might, we later find out, be caused by some kind of a fluke snacking on your retina. You could spin these stories out.

I can supply a good number of ideas for interesting diseases. Let me know what you think.

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