Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jews strolling to the gas chambers with picnics and rest stops

The following images are all from The Auschwitz Album which was supposedly “discovered” (read: “stolen”) by a self-styled “concentration camp survivor” Lili Meier. The complete collection of 192 photographs from this one book can be seen at the USHMM website where it is a major feature of their collection. The same album and pictures are also a major feature of the Yad Vashem archives in Israel with similar, but not exactly the same, captions as those given by the USHMM. The images below with their captions are simply samples from the actual collection as they appear at the USHMM archive website. Few people will ever bother to examine the album photographs carefully unless they are somehow prodded by essays like this one. What the images reveal on careful examination is totally different from what the holocaust hoax promoters suggest. Judge for yourself.

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Larry Fafarman said...

No conclusions can be drawn, one way or the other, from the photos. It has been claimed that the alleged gassing victims were not informed in advance that they were going to be gassed, so the calmness and casualness of the people in the photos are not evidence that these people were not gassed. Instead of saying "Jews selected for death," the captions should just say, "people in the Auschwitz concentration camp."