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Me and the Jewish-Holocaust-Memorial-Museum story

I’m really late with this one. The story about how the White guy shot the Black guard at the Jewish United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It’s all because of the pain meds. My being late that is. When I first started taking them about 30 days ago I was using 100 mgs of Gabapentin three times a day. It wasn’t helping so on my own I put it up to 300 mgs three times a day. Wasn’t helping so I complained to my primary care doctor via telephone. She is the VA clinic on the other side, in Chula Vista. She said she would up the dose and send me the medicine. She did.

I was then taking 900 mgs three times a day and it wasn’t helping so a couple three days ago I upped the dose to 1,200 mgs three times a day and by coincidence I began to feel better. That is, the pain was the same when it was there, a piercing affair which makes me swear in both English and Spanish but mostly English, but it was not there all the time. I could walk around the house without doubling over, and so on and so forth. But it made me so groggy I didn’t know what I was doing, and when I did know, I didn’t care. A couple times I fell asleep at the computer. Last night Pretty came in and found me sitting here with my hands on the keyboard, the head hanging down, asleep.

Again, and so on. You get the picture. I have just about decided that 2,700 mgs of Gabapentin a day is about all that I can handle and that I will have to live with the pain for another week or two. Won’t kill me. I think I will be okay, I am going to stop swearing when it tears at me because my wife doesn’t like the words I use, and I’m going to stop whining about it here. And elsewhere.

Anyhow, this was my reaction to the bad White guy killing the innocent Black guard at the Jewish United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I must have written it on the 12th. I will follow with two succinct critiques of the text by Richard Widmann, the editor of CODOHWeb, and of our new journal, Inconvenient History. You will observe the sobriety of Mr. Widmann.

First, me.

On 10 June, a couple days ago, a man named Wenneker Von Brunn walked into the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., shot a black security officer, then shot himself [this last appears to be an error of fact]. The Security officer died. Von Brunn is still hanging on in a hospital bed. Within hours I was aware that this had become a national story. A tragedy perhaps for his family, but come on. . . . a Black guy gets offed in Washington D.C?

I didn’t see the national significance of a Washington D.C. Black man being murdered in a Washington D.C. museum dedicated to exploiting a fraudulent view of history, raising hundreds of millions of dollars, and forwarding the concept of the “unique monstrosity” of the Germans. As has been pointed out by an associate—I might as well say it—by Widmann, I was wrong.

This is exactly the story that all those from the radical left to the radical right to President Obama can, and will, use to attack folk who question what the USHMM uses to sustain and promote itself. Last night I was watching the last half of the Glen Beck show (my excuse? I was lying on the bed waiting for the pain meds to kick in) when he brought up the Von Brunn story and tied it into Obama’s preacher, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who had just said publicly about Obama: “Them Jews ain’t going to let him talk to me. . . .” These two incidents together demonstrated a rising tide of anti-Semitism in America which will be used by all the folk at Fox to ignore the genocidal (in the original meaning of the word) Israeli policies toward the Palestinians.

Now I feel as if I were behaving badly in not having the proper empathy for the murder of one Black man when it was brought to my attention. In a perfect world, I would feel empathy for any and every individual murdered by—anyone. Maybe I’m suffering from a surplus of information about the wounded and murdered folk in Gaza and the West Bank, so much so that it has deadened my humanity. But then, ho hum.

I am reminded that I kinda like this Jeremiah Wright guy. He said in church, “They (Americans) nuked Hiroshima and never looked back.” That’s right. We never looked back. At the time I was hoping that Obama would acknowledge his Minister’s observation. Not a chance. It might have harmed Obama’s chances for being nominated and elected. That was the first moment when I began to question Obama.

At the same time, my original feeling that it might be good that he win because he might be inclined to think of Arabs as human beings remains. That would be a major change in American/Muslim relations. Empathy for Arabs as human beings, and the refusal to support Arab tyrants who have no empathy for their own people. There’s no end to this business so long as the American State sets different standards, one standard for good tyrants, another for bad tyrants.

Okay. It’s not much of a post, but that was my first drug-crazed reaction to the story. I sent it along with my cover letter for issue 162 of Smith’s Report. Meanwhile, Widmann had written me asking what I thought of the story. He thought I might have something interesting to say. I sent him the above text.

Widmann wrote:

Well – not what I had in mind. First there are several incorrect “facts.”

Assailants name is “James W. Von Brunn”

He did not shoot himself. In fact guards pumped 10 rounds into him including hitting him in the face.

I would not take up issue with him being Black.

You don’t seem to grasp this one at all – perhaps nothing is better to say than this.

What has happened is exactly what everyone is supposed to fear. There is a problem that lunatics reading holocaust revisionist material go ahead and kill people. This is the very thing that the SPLC and the SWC etc etc have been warning about.

To say that it doesn’t matter that a black guy got shot is not right at all. More to come.

A few minutes later Widmann wrote again:

You write, “I suppose I am too close to this stuff…”

Perhaps. I felt that way following 9-11. It led to my taking a year or two off. I spent the time barely reading revisionism and working my way through the entire Bible from beginning to end. If too much of “this stuff” takes away our empathy and understanding that this is a tragedy – albeit not worse than someone being shot anywhere else, then that perhaps is a problem of revisionism.

Was Von Brunn so close to it that it appeared like a good idea to go down there with a rifle?

Sure “we nuked Hiroshima” and we should make people understand the tragic nature of that – but the key is not just saying how you feel – which you seem apt to do in this case – but rather to counter the MASSIVELY NEGATIVE image that the media is now painting all revisionists with.

There are calls for curtailing freedom of speech on blogs I have visited.

We need to separate ourselves from any lunatic violent fringes and refocus on history and getting the facts straight. We should continue to remind people that revisionism is a peace movement.

These are clearly sober and mature reactions to a story that will be used against us, we revisionists, by the Holocaust Marketing Industry. Nothing for it. That’s what will happen. Meanwhile, we’ll continue with our work, the real work of exposing the HMI and its products, and the work will grow increasingly well-known and understood all over the world.

Speaking of “all over the world”: our last send to our internet mailing list of some 5,000-plus names, people from 51 (fifty-one) countries around the world opened the message.

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