Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Too much of this stuff

June 14, 2009

"If too much of this stuff takes away our empathy and understanding that this is a tragedy – albeit not worse than someone being shot anywhere else, then that perhaps is a problem of revisionism.

"That was the sentence from Bradley Smith’s reaction to the shooting at D.C’s Holocaust Museum I found most interesting. It reminds me of the debate over desensitizing violent video games some years back. I believe the same arguments were made about pornography before my time. From what I’ve heard evidence (compiled by liberal academics who hate America, families and children in particular) does not support those theories. My own opinion is that weirdos are more likely to be drawn to holocaust denial in the first place, and Von Brunn in particular was a producer rather than a mere consumer of such literature.


"Being the awful Hansonian reductionist that I am, I wish that Smith & co would “break it down” when it comes to their heretical thoughts. There is a constant conflation of holocaust denial (or revisionism, if you prefer) with matters pertaining to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, U.S foreign policy, whether the Nazis were worse than the Soviets and the related matter of whether racism/bigotry is more dangerous than blank-slatism along with a host of other things. Political ideologues group many seemingly unrelated issues together into one world view. If holocaust revisionists really want to be treated like intellectually honest historians it would help if they acted more like scientists seeking the truth regarding specific matters."


John Weir said...

Since intellectually honest historians are so rare, I was wondering how such a creature is treated. Do revisionists want to be treated like that? I am not sure since I don't know what that means.
It isn't the revisionist historians who first associated the Holocaust with Middle-East politics. It is Zionism did that. I think denying a link is intellectually dishonest and it rather hypocritical to criticize revisionists for associating contemporary history with current politics. If there is no valid link between the Holocaust and Zionist Israel, why to politicians get dragged to the Yad Vashem museum whenever they visit Tel Aviv?

Johnny Drake said...

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