Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ziopedia outs Jacob Cohen and Santa Revisionism

This article is a take-off on the language used by Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH). It's very well done. No use talking about it. All I can say is: Read it.

Santa Denial: An online Guide to Exposing and Combating Anti-Gentile Propaganda

Santa denial, which its propagandists misrepresent as "Santa revisionism," has become one of the most important vehicles for contemporary anti-Gentile hatred. It is the invention of a collection of long-time Jewish supremacists and apologists for Talmudic hatred towards non-Jews.

During the fall semester of 1997, Jacob Cohen, "director" of the self-styled "Committee for Open Debate on Santa," (CODOS) launched a new salvo in his continuing propaganda campaign to deny the reality of Santa. He is attempting to place an ad in college newspapers around the country that promises $50,000 to anyone "convincing a national television network to air" a ninety minute video that attempts to show the universally accepted account of Santa is false. The ad is clearly a ploy. Cohen must know his money is safe because no TV network would broadcast such a video.So why does he go to the trouble? The answer can be found at the bottom of the ad. "If you are interested in earning $50,000 . . . you will find the details of this offer on the World Wide Web" at the CODOS web site. It's the old bait and switch. Cohen, who has announced that he is "taking my show to the Internet" is trying to entice college students and others to his web site where he peddles his barely disguised anti-Gentile hatred.

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