Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy and distracted with. . . .

Busy and distracted with the fallout from the Harvard Crimson story. Busy and distracted with the restructuring of my Founder’s Page which contains most of the stories for a book tentatively titled A Personal History of Moral Decay. Busy and distracted with family business, friends, money. Busy and distracted with outreach via the Internet. Too busy and distracted to complain about much of anything.

Tomorrow it’s to the other side for two nights at the VA in La Jolla where (during the day) I will be examined from top to bottom and tested and interviewed and get an injection in the left knee. If the injection in the knee works I’ll be able to walk a mile or two three or four times a week and that will help me lose weight and be good for me generally. The last time I got an injection in the left knee the good Dr. Han found a swollen gland in the throat and sent me to the VA in La Jolla to run some tests. Cancer. So these left-knee injections can be dangerous, but I’m going to do it anyhow.

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