Sunday, January 31, 2010

Robert Faurisson in Teheran, the Victories of Revisionism

This is a note and link originating from a French source:

In December 2006, Jacques Chirac, French president at the time, made it known that he was asking for an investigation into Professor Faurisson's participation in the "Holocaust" conference recently held in Tehran. That investigation was immediately opened by the minister of Justice, with a Paris magistrate being put in charge. In 2007 and 2009 the Professor was subjected to arrest and brief detention at the Vichy police station, as well as two searches of his house. On both occasions he refused to talk, and the police found none of the things they were looking for. However, a new detention and house search (with five armed policemen) remain possible at any moment. As a result the living conditions of the Professor and his wife, who is a heart patient, are distressful.

The Professor's Tehran paper -- "The Victories of Revisionism" -- is henceforth available here

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