Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Demonstration Tonight (NYC)!

The Examiner (the NY Israel Conflict Examiner, to be exact) reports that there will be two demonstrations on Park Avenue tonight on the occasion of the annual dinner of the Israeli Defense Force at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. The report mentions a demonstration against the IDF to occur on one block of Park and a counterdemonstration to occur a block or two up the street. The rest of the article is about the counterdemonstration, and mentions fully eight organizations taking part in it (e.g., Zionist Organization of America), and three luminaries, including our own Dov Hikind, who led the campaign to deny David Irving the means to accept payment for his books and videos over the Internet (all the organizations gladly accept your donations over the Internet).

Organizations behind the demonstration (remember the original demonstration? It's against the IDF and its recent despoliation of Gaza and the West Bank) are not named, and as for luminaries, how could anyone opposed to the IDF even be a luminary in the first place?

Two demonstrations. Don't mix 'em up.


Fooled Once said...

I neglected to mention (in the original post) that an equivalent event (dinner, donating, bloviating) will be held IN MIAMI on THURSDAY, March 11 at the Westin Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood.

Be there http://www.israelsoldiers.org/branches_miami.php or be square!

Anonymous said...

Bradley, please see the codoh forum. The former editor of the Wisconsin Badger Herald in reply to a post on that blog, is on record as saying he will be glad to debate you. A senior in journalsm at UW- Madison. Will you debate this student?