Friday, March 5, 2010

Student Newspaper Defends Holocaust Denial Ad

Student Newspaper Defends Holocaust Denial Ad
Editors, Professors Discuss Holocaust Denial Ad, Free Speech
Updated: 8:57 am CST March 5,2010

MADISON, Wis. -- Leaders of a University of Wisconsin-Madison campus newspaper confronted its critics on Thursday after running a controversial ad on its Web site. The Badger Herald accepted a Holocaust-denying ad on its Web site last week.

On Wednesday, students demonstrated against the ad and the paper, remembering the millions who died in the Holocaust and denouncing the hate they believe is being fueled by the newspaper.

However, the paper's editors are defending the ad. An ethics forum was held on campus on Thursday in response to the protest. More


Rubin said...

I think this was a very brave thing to do given the vilification they will have to face.

However, free speech and the free exchange of views are essential to all of our freedom, and, therefore I applaud those who have taken this stand.

Anonymous said...

Political Jewry hates free speech with a passion that is difficult, or maybe even impossible, for the rest of us to understand.