Sunday, May 9, 2010

Daily Titan reports on Smith's talk at Cal State-Fullerton

Holocaust revisionist speaks at the Titan Student Union

Daily Titan Staff Writer
Published: May 09, 2010

"The purpose of Smith’s appearance was to argue that the American professorial class, allied with special interest organizations, supports a taboo over the free exchange of ideas regarding the Holocaust question, and that student journalists who do not cooperate put their careers at risk."

"Smith went on to address the heart of the controversy; banner advertisements that Smith’s office had been placing in several American campus newspaper websites that linked to his blog or his home page for The Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust.

"In April, the Daily Titan ran a similar advertisement on its website featuring only the text: 'The irrational vocabulary of the American professorial class …' that linked to the full transcription of a talk Smith gave at the Tehran Holocaust conference in December 2006. The advertisement was taken down, and Smith speculated on the decisions of the editors who decided to pull the advertisement.

“'There’s a taboo against running such ads, (that) link to such information and such opinions,' Smith said. 'But [the Titan] was being advised, too, by professors on campus and by special interest organizations.'”

“'It is my guess that there is not one professor at CSU Fullerton who would stand up in public to defend any journalist or the newspaper itself if they proceeded to publish anything that questioned the orthodox Holocaust story,' Smith said."

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Xyzlmk said...

OK, now what at Cal Fullerton? There needs to be some sort of followup ... some sort of sustained effort. Else, you're forgotten tomorrow.