Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hikind Mandates Exterminations in Boro Park

Those of us not living in or near the Boro Park district of New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind may have been napping when word hit the street of the bedbug epidemic plaguing the population there.

The apparent concentration of outbreaks in this particular area is mystifying - one eventually is forced to fall back on improbable ideas such as that bedbugs are entering via the numerous Holocaust reparations payments Hikind's constituents are receiving (see previous post on this blog).

Anyway, in his efforts to further raise the costs of living and working in New York State, Hikind is reprising the laudable efforts of the Germans running concentration camps during World War II when they applied liberal amounts of Zyklon-B pesticide to the clothing, bedding, and quarters of inmates to control the typhus-bearing body lice that were continually being brought in by new admittees.

It would be ironic indeed if, after implementation of Hikind's legislation, someone uncovered a dastardly plot on his part to exterminate some human subpopulation through the administration of these disinfestations! There will, of course, be no written order.

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