Friday, August 20, 2010

The Internet and Wikipedia: Their Turf

Much of what is "known" about the Holocaust is the product of the Zionist propaganda campaign that can realistically be reckoned at over a hundred years old - both as to who "knows" it, and what they "know."

The advent of the World Wide Web has radically altered the venues of information and its transmission, with Wikipedia forming a conspicuous and influential locus within those venues. In today's e-mail, Gilad Atzmon passes on an article in Britain's Guardian newspaper describing the recruitment and deployment of information guerrillas specifically trained to operate in the jungles of Wikipedia, the free, online, user-edited encyclopedia to which practically everyone who uses the Internet has occasion to refer at one time or another.

Here, as everywhere, beware Zionist saboteurs - they are well trained, well funded, and numerous, despite the deceptive (and plaintive) whining in the article about how badly they are outnumbered by their opponents. As an experienced Wikipedian in my own right, I can testify from brutal personal experience as to the pile-on that instantly occurs just as soon as anyone sets about correcting any distortion favoring Israel or the account of the Holocaust that sustains its depredations on the world.


Anonymous said...

The Zionists have nothing on their side but the Myth of Eternal Persecution. But it's only that: a myth. They tried to make it fly in the days following World War I, invoking the sacred six million in former New York Governor's "The Crucifixion of the Jews Must End!" So were the Zionists lying to us then, or are they lying to us now? Or did 12 million Jews die in a 30-year period in the 20th century?

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia is also a cesspit regarding the medical pages, all are patrolled by Allopaths (138+ MDs are editors)plus dozens of anonymous medical people. Any page you put up to a non-Allopathic doctor, for example, and they will delete it asap. No pages critical to any allopathic drug is allowed, eg vaccinations, and the drug pages are little more than the data sheet/package insert supplied by the drug companies. If you annoy them too much they will have you removed as an editor.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish hand behind Internet