Thursday, September 30, 2010

“Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist.”

** Hello again! Been under the weather, been busy, been distracted. I’m 80 years old. What can I say?

But here I am. A couple three, four things are happening. I’ll get to them one by one. If you tried to call and the telephones didn’t work, it’s because I didn’t pay the Mexican telephone bill. Telnor. If you wrote and I haven't answered, my apologies but ….

What else?

I will only note at this moment that we are submitting our new ad to student newspapers for the 2010/2011 Campus Project. It reads: “Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist.” That’s the text. All of it. Beneath the simplicity of those few words lies a profound promotional concept. You think maybe not? We'll see.

It’s 11pm. Our house guest, Santiago, working on a table near mine, is listening to Neil Diamond. If I don’t listen too closely, Diamond is okay. Background music.

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Anonymous said...

It's a great book, but the title is somewhat too blunt to be attractive.