Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eric Hunt on Spielbergs "The Last Days."

Eric Hunt writes that he is currently creating a documentary debunking Steven Spielberg's Oscar winning Hoax, The Last Days.

He notes that in 1998 when Steven Spielberg Released his documentary "The Last Days" it went on to win an Academy Award in 1999. Recently Holocaust Revisionists have caused some of the world's top "Holocaust Scholars" (PHDs) to admit that Spielberg's Film "The Last Days" is in large parts completely fictional. The primary focus has been on the star survivor, Irene Weisberg Zisblatt, who clims in this film to have swallowed and defecated four diamonds during the entire year and a half she was held by the Germans.

In addition, Hunt writes, “two survivors (out of five) featured in The Last Days claim to have escaped from inside a gas chamber (neither of their miraculous escapes are mentioned in the film, but apparently was filmed, and is included in the hardcover companion book).

“This site will comprehensively document the now definitively proven to be fictional survivor testimony featured in this fraudulent film.”

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