Friday, October 8, 2010

UC San Diego, UC Los Angeles, and the allure of womens corsets

We were to upload the new UC San Diego video on You Tube today but when we got into the office there was no Internet and no telephone. Hernandez and I went to Telnor to find that the Mexicans had cut my internet service for lack of payment. I took a chance and paid the $234 bill using my debit card. It worked.

Back at the house I called AT&T. Service had been stopped for lack of payment. I had changed cards (lost the previous one) and had not updated my records. I wasn’t certain there was enough in the CODOH account to pay the $123. When I checked I discovered that a supporter who did not identify himself had made a wire transfer into the account for 500 euros—some $675. I was in. I paid AT&T and now we were ready to work. I later discovered that the contribution was from my favorite Dane.

I wasn’t through with getting things up and working. I called oncology at the La Jolla VA to find out if I have bone marrow cancer or not. The results of the bone marrow biopsy (autopsy) were to have been available this week, but now they won’t be ready until next week.

It’s not difficult to upload video to You Tube, but if you are sending it to several hundred or more email addresses it can take an hour, or ten hours, or overnight to get the list uploaded. Anyhow, I expect tomorrow that the video will be uploaded and distributed.

** We have a text link running as an advertisement at UC Los Angeles in The Daily Bruin. It’s a tiny thing, how could anyone object to it? There it is, nestled in among the text links advertising things that students really want:

Plus Size Corsets Lingerie
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Los Angeles DUI Attorney
CQC Outcomes
Phoenix Wrongful Death Lawyer
Debt Relief Options
Los Angeles Golf Courses
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer
Paramedic Courses
Promotional Products
Westwood Village Dining Shopping Entertainment
Free Credit Report
Confession of a Holocaust Revisionist
Online Education
Credit Card Application
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CD Rates

Is that cool, or what?

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