Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good News! Over $4.2 Billion Not Shown to Have Been Collected by Frauds.

Reports are today everywhere that the $42.5 Million lost to fraudsters is less than 1% of the amounts paid out from only two (of how many?) funds that channel the taxes collected from innocent Germans and Austrians to people who say they were threatened by alleged extermination policies of the Nazis over sixty years ago in Europe.

There's nothing wrong with the Reparations Giveaway policy that isn't wrong with any and every other government policy that gives to "victims" the fruits of the effort and ingenuity of the productive among us who are, for the most part, entirely innocent of whatever crimes are alleged to have been committed against . . . people whom the "victims" are skilled at appearing to be among.

The Holocaust "happened." Who "did" it, and why, and how, is a matter some of us insist upon discussing, at peril to our careers and reputations. Now, as for who pays for it, and who gets paid, that's yet another matter, posing still-greater threats to the existence and livelihood of those who would dare to comment on such matters.


Johnny said...

Nice distortion, "Fooled Once" (what kind of name is that?). Had you actually read the article, you would have seen that the 1% reference is not to the amount of funds distributed, but to the number of claims processed. Each claim receives various amounts of payment.

And this is why no one takes deniers seriously.

Fooled Once said...

@Johnny, thanks for the close comparison of my blog post with the New York Times article it links to.

My comment (which, of course, in no way contradicts the NYT report) comes from the Wall Street Journal article on the same subject of Nov. 10 ("Holocaust Fund in Scam") in which Greg Schneider, executive vice president of the Claims Conference, says, "...less than 1% of the funds distributed through those programs were affected." htref=

I'll cite (and link) my sources more carefully in the future.