Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Despicable Book

On 28 February I posted the lead-in to a story in Haaretz about Israeli Rabbi Dov Lior and his refusal to be interrogated over his support for The King's Torah and the "laws" for killing Gentiles.

The next day, on 01 March, Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman noted he was "finally" able to get hold of The King's Torah—which was published in 2009. It's probably a coincidence that he found it the day following my 28 February post. On 01 March Tuchman posted the following on his J-Hate blog.


I was finally able to find a copy of the book, Torat HaMelech (“The King’s Torah”), and have spent the past hour or so reading through it. I have never been so repulsed, disgusted and angered by a book — and that’s saying a lot, given how much anti-Semitic stuff I read.

Torat HaMelech is itself precisely the obscene caricature of Judaism that one finds in the allegations of anti-Semites. In the US this book would be protected by the First Amendment, but in Israel there are laws against this type of thing, and I support the prosecution of the authors and promoters of Torat HaMelech to the full extent that those laws allow.

It is important that we who expose and fight against anti-Semitism be willing to denounce extremism and bigotry in our own communities as well. There is no excuse for it.


N said...

Hate is what they're all about, Admiral. Hate for the world around them and the people in it, with whom they've refused to blend for three millenia. Here's hoping you'll grasp this some day.

Anonymous said...


This website measures the frequency with which words appear in print. Try "Holocaust" (capitalized). You'll see it skyrocket after Israel's 1967 Six Day War.

Anonymous said...

Thought this interesting:

In one town in a neighboring prefecture, the crematorium was unable to handle the large number of bodies being brought in for funerals.

"We have already begun cremations, but we can only handle 18 bodies a day. We are overwhelmed and are asking other cites to help us deal with bodies. We only have one crematorium in town," Katsuhiko Abe, an official in Soma, told The Associated Press.


truthseeker9878 said...

Let's quit talking about books. Let's quit talking about what we have been talking about for decades and start talking about mass graves by the hundreds of thousands around every city and town in the former Soviet Bloc. ALL dissidents hear this...It's time to quit talking about the holocaust. You have proven it a lie. The only thing left is for the jews to throw in the towel and they aren't going to. Can I get people to start going with this story and see how much feed back you get from the Eastern European people? If they start talking and they start looking, then something would have to happen big time.

Derrick said...

Just want to be very sure you got a look at this article.


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