Friday, April 22, 2011

Buying into Orthodox Politics

New York Republican Congressman Michael Grimm is described in this recent article in the Forward.

His recent election from a district extensively overlapping that of Dov Hikind in Brooklyn was marked by a phenomenon instigated by me on this blog in the recent re-election of Hikind to the New York Assembly: donations by interested parties from outside the district.

Grimm would seem to have elicited "Jewish" donations from outside the area (see article) by such antics as advocating the release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, even while John Demjanjuk languishes in the defendant's box in an endless succession of trials for having been a camp guard over sixty years ago.

I, on the other hand, advocated donations to the campaign of Hikind's opponent for his Assembly seat because of Hikind's making it difficult for people all over the world to avail themselves of the books and videos of David Irving, which displeased Hikind and perhaps some of his constituents. This initiated a witch hunt for me and other "Holocaust deniers" among the persons recorded as having donated to Brian Doherty's campaign (I've received no refund of my donation thus far).

Unlike Grimm, Doherty lost that time. It would seem that Jewish money works better than that of Holocaust deniers.

Or maybe there's just more of it.

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