Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Than He Knows What to Do With

When Dov Hikind, New York Assemblyman from Brooklyn, deprived Historian David Irving of the means to accept credit-card payments October before last, he got a dozen other city and state politicians to join him in the deed, an impressive demonstration of political mobbery, or of consensus building, whichever way you prefer to see it.

Either way, it showed that a lot of pols in the area might feel they owe Hikind something or other as he goes about his nefarious projects. Just what they might owe him is detailed in today's City Hall News: illegally diverted taxpayer's money.

Yes, Dov Hikind of Boro Park, has got more campaign funds than he even needs to secure his own re-election as recently as last Election Day, when for the first time in many years he faced "opposition" from Republican Brian Doherty.

Pathetically, I tried on this blog to mobilize donations to Doherty just to express our collective views on Hikind's respect for global freedom of speech. How little chance our pittances had against Hikind's massive war chest is starkly highlighted by this incident.

But maybe there is hope. For all the stolen lucre lavished by our Dov on his anointed ally, Joe Lazar, his beneficiary still lost the election!

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