Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wiesenthal Still Nabbing 'Em

Hungary's Wiesenthal Institute has put another war criminal on trial in Budapest.
In 2080, some Institute (still Wiesenthal, at this rate) will be getting Americans who were in uniform in Iraq and Afghanistan today put on trial for the many murders of civilians that undoubtedly are being committed in those places at this moment.
And in 2080, civilians will be getting murdered in probably several places (maybe America) where war, whether just or unjust, is being conducted (possibly looking for somebody named Osama, Obama, or Okama).
Trials for those killings will still be getting launched in 2149.

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Anonymous said...

You say Americans are killing Iraqis and Afghanis at this moment. Where are the bodies of these "civilians"? Where the bullets required to shoot them? Where is the residue from explosives used to bomb them? How do we know they were not all unmarked partisans and terrorists, who can be legally killed under Geneva convention? Where are the documents from the US military? Where are the death certifictes?