Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Instant (Self-) Revisionism: The Goldstone Affair

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Inconvenient History

Instant (Self-) Revisionism: The Goldstone Affair

by Jett Rucker

According to what we hear about how apostasy is dealt with in Islam, a Muslim who renounces his religion is made the object of a fatwa—that is, he is marked for death, fair game for any Muslim who might have the means and opportunity to kill for Allah.

Vigilantes of Zionism have a less-direct, hence less-just, but more-effective approach: they target . . . your grandson, and/or other innocent members of your family who had no involvement in the original offense. And they don’t kill him—they just bar his grandfather from attending his bar mitzvah, and threaten pickets and demonstrations in the event his grandfather tries to be present upon the occasion of his entering into that elite-of-the-chosen, Jewish manhood.

This is but the most-visible of the many and devious retributions visited upon South African jurist Richard Goldstone for the crime he committed against Israel, the redoubt of pugnacious Judaism, in producing for the United Nations a report on war crimes committed in the attack on Gaza of 2008—a report for the making of which Israel denied its cooperation. Like violating the code of omerta among Mafiosi, the crime has a name in Hebrew: mesirah—“ratting” to “the authorities” (world opinion in this case) as to something fellow Jews may have done that might arouse negative feelings toward the perpetrators.

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