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A Premature News Report on a "Death Camp" for Jews

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A Premature News Report on a "Death Camp" for Jews
By Thomas Kues

An alleged revisionist forgery

In 1990 German revisionist Udo Walendy published an issue of his journal Historische Tatsachen (Historical Facts) entitled Der Fall Treblinka (The Treblinka Case) that focused on the numerous absurd allegations surrounding this supposed “pure extermination camp”. On one of the first pages of this publication Walendy has reproduced in facsimile a newspaper clipping from the Polish-language London newspaper Dziennik Polski (The Polish Daily) dated 11 July 1942, together with a German translation of a part of an article appearing in said clipping, together with a brief commentary on it. The part of the facsimile offered in translation appears to have been either rendered clearer and/or slightly enlarged or retyped and inserted on top of the facsimile (cf. Illustration 1).
Walendy’s introduction, translation and commentary read as follows in English translation:1

“On 11 July 1942 the Polish Daily, a newspaper of the Polish government in exile in London, reported on a press conference held by the British Minister of Information on 9 July 1942, quoting the exile-Polish Minister of the Interior S. Mikolajczyk word for word under the heading 'The Slaughter of the Jews':

‘...All in all 2,500 people were murdered this night, while the remaining 25,000 people were brought to camps in Belzec and Tremblinka. In Izbica Kujawska 8,000 individuals were driven away in an unknown direction. In Belzec and Tremblinka the people are reportedly killed with poison gas.’

One thing is certain, however, namely that it was only on 23 July 1942 – that is 14 days later! – with the arrival of the first transport of Jews from Warsaw that the Treblinka camp was opened!!

As demonstrated by the above described press conference, the lie about ....

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