Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Unfreedom of Speech on Campus

The now-infamous "bake sale" of the Young Republicans Club of the University of California at Berkeley drew an official rebuke from the university's chancellor and its toady Student Senate. co-founder Gary Kamiya explores this regulation of speech and the subject of the speech in this post, which at one point even touches hypothetically on the Israel/Palestine confrontation that is so fueled by the Holocaust mythology.

The thrust of Kamiya's post is that race can't be openly, frankly discussed on (most) campuses.

I wanted to add a comment to the effect that race wasn't the only verboten subject on campus, nor even the most verboten. But I was unable to access comments on the post, of which there were said to be 48 at the time I tried. And I was unable to post my comment, either.

Oh well.

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DoubleH63 said...

Fooled Once,

Maybe you should try again to post a comment. I was just there following the link you provided. No problems here. There are 63 comments now. They can all be viewed under the blank space provided for comments if you scroll down a bit.