Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whatever Happened to ... Control of Hollywood?

Way back at the beginning of last year (can you remember back that far? memory's important, as we all know), Oliver Stone got himself into hot water revealing that a miniseries he had completed called "The Secret History of America" showed Hitler in a nuanced light founded on the notion that he was, after all, a human being like many of the rest of us, rather than a two-dimensional cartoon of a demented monster, as depicted before, during and after World War II by those whose office it is to depict to the masses.

Did he also claim that Hollywood and TV are controlled by Zionist and Israel-promoting interests (he's half-Jewish himself)? Anyway, whatever he said, he retracted it with an apology, as noted back then in a blog post of mine here.

Anyone seen or heard of "The Secret History of America?" My inquiry today of Showtime, whose project it is (was?) garnered this response:
Response Via Email(KatieG) - 10/19/2011 04:25 PM Thank you for writing to us. No announcement has been made regarding a premiere date for this series. All scheduling and programming information is posted at as it becomes available. Keep checking back for updates to the schedule, and thanks for watching!

The Secret History of America. I wonder if it has anything in it about who controls Hollywood (and always has, as long as there's been a Hollywood).

Remember: you never saw it here! Or anywhere!

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