Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Glimpse into the Future?

This report, relayed from a "warmist" Web site, is most remarkable for its description of an uneasy kind of truce between those asserting that the world will grow hotter with increasing speed and those saying there is insufficient evidence for such an assertion, and backing up their skepticism with repeated releases of (chiefly e-mailed) evidence of a campaign of deception on the part of many warmists.

This grudging recognition of their opponents by the previously dominant warmist movement came about only after the devastating revelations of "Climategate" (and recently, Climategate II) provided sufficient impetus for admitting the validity of the "deniers'" case. Until that time, such people as Gro Brundtland, Special Envoy of the United Nations for Climate Change, pronounced people who expressed skepticism at the warmist assertions "immoral."

Sound familiar? As yet, no respectable historian has placed his or her career at the mercy of those many (historians and otherwise) who assert the exterminationist understanding of what they have trademarked "The Holocaust," and it may be a long time before any does, despite the many and devastating exposes that have been published of the mendacity of most members of the dominant party to the dispute.

But as the heretofore-dominant case continues to crumble under the relentless and growing attacks it sustains every day from revisionists, the situation at historical conferences may one day come to resemble the description in the article. After all, "Hologate" has already occurred, many times over.

And it will continue to occur, over and over, and worse and worse.

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