Friday, December 30, 2011

Holocaust Controversies: It's Here!

For those who have read "our" indefatigable researchers Carlo Mattogno, Thomas Kues, and Jürgen Graf, the anti-revisionist Web site Holocaust Controversies have produced an imposing "Critique of the Falsehoods of Mattogno, Graf, and Kues."

I haven't read it (just received it - I HAVE read the aforementioned falsehoods themselves), but it looks quite like engagement - 571 pages of it! Even if it is itself a load of falsehoods, it is clearly a very large body of them, assembled with care and even skill by the Others who care about the things we care about.

There are today so few with the awareness involved in appreciating the importance of our issues that I feel we rather owe it to our adversaries to accord their efforts the (considerable) attention involved in evaluating their work - and cheer the spirit of engagement that their massive oeuvre bespeaks!

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Anonymous said...

Be advised that many Holocaust believers like those at the Hate Blog Watch are referring to this HC critique as the great cut and paste manifesto.

They say that Nick Terry, Sergery Romanov, Andrew Mathis, and Roberto Muehlenkamp are criminals.