Friday, March 16, 2012


Benjamin Welch, Editor-in-Chief -
The UNC Mirror
University of Northern Colorado

Dear Mr. Welch:

I would like you to know that we very much appreciate the fact that the UNC Mirror has agreed to run our announcement for "Inconvenient History: The Power of Taboo." Clicking on the link your readers are taken to the Website of "Inconvenient History: A Quarterly Journal for Free Historical Inquiry."

The Spring 2012 issue includes:

Editorial: Bookburning in the Style of 2011
Resistance Is Obligation
Ritual Defamation: A Contemporary Academic Example
Stephen F. Pinter An Early Revisionist
A Postcard from Treblinka
Review: The Wandering Who
The Palestinians as an "Invented People"
Relegation A Formula for Blowback

We advocate a free exchange of ideas about a series of historical questions that are taboo with the American professoriate across the nation. Example: I doubt that there is one academic at U Northern Colorado who openly supports a free exchange of ideas with regard to Holocaust orthodoxy. Or one academic who will encourage, or even allow, such a free exchange of ideas to take place on this matter in his/her classroom,

All this being so, I understand that you are in a difficult situation. Still, we encourage the UNC Mirror to continue to support the right to free inquiry against the opposition of UNC academics and administration. And, I should add, the opposition of a number of special-interest organizations on and off-campus that you may hear from.


Bradley Smith

PS: I understand I might be wrong about any particular of the above. If I am, please tell me where and I will acknowledge my error publicly.

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This letter has been copied to students and faculty at UNC.

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