Monday, April 30, 2012

Holocaust Education: From the Mouths of Babes

The self-glorifying "history" that every government crams down the throats of the young people they all force to attend school mostly goes ignored by its targets. Exceptional students take the trouble, for various reasons, to learn the material, and of these, a few take it seriously, absorbing some form or other of its ideological import.

But now and then, some governments so grossly overpromote such outrageously poor stuff that a contingent of the targets, typically in the teenage years where some are beginning to ask intelligent questions about what they are being told, actually rebels against the program they are being subjected to.

Such would seem to have happened, notably, in Israel, concerning a portrayal of the so-styled Holocaust in a play put on near Tel Aviv recently. A vocal part of the audience of a tired propaganda piece called Ghetto actually cheered those evil Nazis as they thrashed the hapless Jews in the cast. It's described in this article from The Times of Israel.

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