Friday, July 19, 2013

USHMM Does Revisionism - VERY Cautiously

It seems that some revisionists are able to get the USHMM to revise their story - or, in this case, to defrock a former saint of theirs. This New York Times article reports USHMM's and other Holocaust shrines' actions in the evolving case of "Italy's Schindler," Giovanni Palatucci, heretofore enshrined for his wartime efforts in saving Jews in the Italian entrepot of Fiume.

The words at the very end of the article of Natalia Idrimi, director of the Primo Levi Center, on this occasion are truly haunting:
What matters is that this data can no longer be ignored.
One wonders just how far they and the rest of the Holocaust lobby might eventually be moved to go with such a sentiment ...

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