Friday, August 9, 2013

The Trial of Guenter Deckert

First Published in
Radical Press

The Trial of Guenter Deckert 

by Sylvia Stolz 

(English translation by Christine B. Miller)  

"A prison sentence will not force me into believing." 
~ Guenter Deckert

"When I have doubts I demand the right to express them ...They talk about tolerance, but mean the inquisition.  ... The hunt to find incorrect literature pretending to fight crime. For a short time people can be intimidated by the threat of punishment, but the brain continues to reason."

Thus spoke Guenter Deckert in his final comment at his sentencing February, 2012 in front of the state Mannheim. The report of his trial follows.

Since January 2, 2013 Guenter has been in prison on account of aiding and abetting so-called Holocaust denial. We accompanied him on his journey to prison and took leave of him at the Mannheim prison gate.

We expressed our thanks for his courage and his commitment to freedom, justice and truth. 

We will always remember that. The day will come when the Germans and other people will appreciate his zeal.

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