Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ask a Librarian at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

It occurred to me yesterday to contact the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and ask The Lipstadt Question. To go directly to the horse’s mouth. That of the Museum -- not Professor Lipstadt.

On the USHMM Website I am given the opportunity to “ASK A LIBRARIAN.”

“Welcome to the Virtual Reference Desk, a service provided by the Library at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. This service is intended to help you find information concerning the Holocaust that is not available in your local library.”

Okay! This could prove to be very helpful.

I filled out the requisite form and put my question: “Please provide the name of one person, with proof, who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz.”

So there we are. The Virtual Librarian cautions me to not expect an immediate answer, but suggests that I will hear from her by 22 March. That’s reasonable. Meanwhile, I’ll continue putting The Lipstadt Question to our run of the mill academics on our run of the mill university campuses. Persistence can be a bore, but with regard to some issues it can, occasionally, be a virtue.

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Anonymous said...

What a big contradiction. Reacting offended to people who want proof and imply they are crazy, yet not providing anything either. Looks like a psychological game to me. If you had it you'd give it.
This "we are too proud to react to idiots" routine doesn't fool me.