Saturday, June 14, 2008

Not exactly the Dead Sea Scrolls, but. . . .

I have found that I downloaded a good part of the thread commenting on the Richard L. Cravatts article “Whatever Intelligent Design Is, It's Not a Theory and It's Not Science.” It was posted on History News Network on 17 November 2005, and "disappeard" by nervous nellie editors at HNN in (probably) May 2008. This is the kind of exchange that is PROHIBITED by HNN editor Rick Shenkman. I ask you, what is there here that is so troubling to those who edit HNN, or so vulgar that they cannot allow it?

Shenkman is promoting his latest book, "Just How Stupid Are We?" I suggest that one reason might be that the professorial class, as a class, has participated in the "stupifcation" of their students, thus the voters, by arguing that certain political issues are off the table. Example: in the ongoing news coverage of Obama and McCain, watch for a real exchange of ideas regarding the U.S. alliance with Israel. Has the Alliance proved to be good for the American people? Or a catastrophe?

I predict you will hear nothing about it. How is such a debate kept "off the table?" Avoiding such a debate is morally justified by the "genocide" of the Jews during WWII. Anything that might question part of that immense story is "off the table" for HNN -- but not entirely for the professors who post there. There were always posters who were willing to challenge my arguments. The censorship of all revisionist discussion of the Holocaust question did not come from the "people" (the professors) but from those in charge of HNN.

With regard to the thread below, which HNN itself has "disappeared," I see that I was trying to format it into a simple Word document so that I could print it out and send it to readers of my newsletter who are not online. It remains unfinished. I cannot vouch for its inclusiveness or accuracy. It would not be necessary if the document had not been “disappeared” by a Burmese-cloned HNN editorial staff that gets its shorts in a twist over any open back and forth -- in the light of day -- on the Jewish Holocaust story.

You will find that Professor Jonathan Dresner jumps into the mix right at the start. Dresner was Rick Shenkman’s right hand man in 2005, and I suppose he is the “editor” and/or “editors” who is advising Shenkman in 2008. Dresner is all too easily shocked by any suggestion that there might be something wrong with one or more of the hundreds of thousands of stories and millions of documents that go to make up what is understood to "be" the Holocaust.


Here is a final paragraph from Professor Cravatts’ essay on Intelligent Design, into which he brings Holocaust “denial.” Here I am the first to post a comment, and this may in fact be the first time I posted on HNN. I don’t know, can’t find out, because HNN has “disappeared” my posts as being too – what?


Whatever Intelligent Design Is,
It's Not a Theory and It's Not Science

By Richard L. Cravatts

Mr. Cravatts Ph.D., a lecturer at Boston University, Tufts University, and Emerson College, writes frequently on social policy, housing development, Constitutional law, business, and politics.

[ … ]

"The fact is that not every intellectual viewpoint is worthy of being discussed in the classroom, merely because one group feels passionately that their issue has intrinsic value, is true, or should be heard as part of the marketplace of ideas. Some truths are absolute and do not require a fair and balanced measurement against some contradictory body of thought. An entire intellectual ‘industry’ of Holocaust denial research has many fervent followers, for instance, but few sentient school boards would find it palatable or reasonable to have students exposed to the ‘theory’ that the Holocaust never occurred along with history lessons expressing the verifiable and incontrovertible fact that it did."


You can access the Cravetts article in its entirety, and the remnants of the thread here.

To read the thread commenting on the Cravetts article, including my own posts that were disappeared by HNN editor Rick Shenkman, go here.

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brian boru said...

I was a bit younger than you when I had my 'road to Damascus' experience regarding the 'holocaust'. Up to that point I had believed everything I had been told by the liars in charge of the system in which we live. Breaking through that veil was in some ways liberating, and in others frustrating to the point of despair. When you learn something and believe it to be true you can't unlearn it and believe it to be false again just because someone tells you to. You will only change your mind, assuming you are a rational individual, when new evidence forces you to reconsider. Regarding the 'holocaust', I have never had cause to look back or doubt that I did indeed break through a veil of lies all those years ago. On the contrary, evry year that passes convinces me more that we live in a system built on lies and distortions of the truth. You know all this, of course, through hard experience. I admire the courage of the men who have pressed for the discovery and propagation of the truth about the 'holocaust', often at great cost to themselves, when they could just as easily have taken the cowardly route.
I have come to believe that the people who support this system of lies are truly evil and over time are responsible for more human suffering and cultural and environmental destruction than all other people on earth combined. It is morally right to expose all their lies, the 'holocaust' being just their greatest hoax.