Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obama as a weak ray of hope

*** Listened to a good part of Obama’s talk before Zionist Central, AIPAC. He pledges to continue the richly funded, decades old, alliance between the U.S. Congress and Israel, with tens of billions of additional (additional) funding. He has got his great uncle out of Auschwitz now and speaks knowingly of Ohrdruf, the sub-camp of Buchenwald. No mention of friends of his uncle seeing the atrocities first hand at Treblinka, a fabrication that has been on his Website going on six years now.

I can understand how Barrack would not know much about the Holocaust (who cares, really, other than those who profit from it?), but what about the people around him, taking care of him? Year after year the false Treblinka story on the World Wide Web and no one mentions it to him? And these jerks want to run the United States of America, run the Middle East and a good part of the rest of the world?

My man is Ron Paul, but he didn’t have a chance. No one thought he did. One night I watched Jessie Ventura on the Jay Leno Show. After listening a few minutes of his rich, confident voice, viewing his manly presence, I understood that if Ron Paul had known how to project himself the way Jessie projects himself, Ron might still be in the race. Paul is my guy, but he’s a little whiny. Doesn’t project a presidential voice. In his own way, with his oratorical skills, Obama does.

I have had the sense that Obama might consider Arabs and Muslims generally to be human beings. I wouldn’t bother voting for him, but I looked upon his candidacy with something resembling a weak ray of hope. Wouldn’t it be nice in the 21st millennium for America to have a president who senses that Arabs are human beings, even Palestinian Arabs, even those living in the Gaza camp, a man who might understand something of the catastrophe our most entangling alliance with a foreign state has been, is going to continue to be, for America?

Probably not in the cards.

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