Thursday, June 19, 2008

Professor Alan Dershowitz and the Name of One Child, with Proof

Alan M. Dershowitz
Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law
Harvard University

19 June 2008

Dear Professor Dershowitz:

I watched you speak (thanks to YouTube) on 04 May at the symposium titled “Defending Truth: Legal and Moral Imperatives of Holocaust Denial.” I understand that the event was organized by the U. of Baltimore School of Law and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies.

I agree with you that questions about the Holocaust should be open to the “marketplace of ideas.” Since February I have been asking academics to provide me with the name of “one person, with proof, who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz.” The first professor to whom I addressed the question was Deborah Lipstadt of Emory U., the lady whose virtues you speak of with such enthusiasm during your talk. In the event, Professor Lipstadt did not respond.

Since then I have asked hundreds of academics that one question. The question does [not] claim that the gas chambers did not exist, and does not make a claim that the “Holocaust” did not happen. It is a very simple, direct question. To date, not one academic has provided me with such a name, and none has attempted to do so.

For example, I have written the Director of one of the agencies that sponsored the symposium where you spoke, Dr. Paul Shapiro, director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Center for Advance Holocaust Studies. Could he provide me with the name of “one person, with proof …” He has maintained the same discreet silence in response to this simple inquiry that most all others have used to – how shall I put it – to perhaps evade the question.

In your talk at the U. Baltimore symposium you suggest that Holocaust minimizers like Hilberg, Chomsky, and Finkelstein are more difficult to deal with because, unlike straight out “deniers,” their writings are not based on “the existence or non-existence of gas chambers.” You ask, “Why are gas chambers so important?” And you respond to your question by saying: “If there were gas chambers, everything else from the [Holocaust] narrative follows.” The implication is, if there were no gas chambers, everything else in the Holocaust narrative would “falter.” I think you are right about this.

In your talk you speak movingly, and I believe sincerely, about the “importance” of the mass murder of Jewish children in the genocide of the Jews. You argue that “the children had to be killed first” because they were “the genetic future of the Jewish people.” And: “They were the genes. That was the genocide.”

Professor Dershowitz: can you provide the name, with proof, of one Jewish child who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz?

Professor Dershowitz: do you believe it is morally right for academics to forward the charge against Germans of having murdered a million or so civilians in gas chambers at Auschwitz, and at the same time act out the role of “bystanders” by refusing to commit themselves to providing the name of one person – one child or one adult, with proof – who was murdered in one of those rooms?

Thank you for your time.

Bradley R. Smith

NOTE: I will copy this letter to some of your colleagues at Harvard Law School and to other parties who I believe might be interested.


Anonymous said...

Great point mr. Smith, and great question.

Was that a typo where you said that the "question does claim that there were no gas chambers..." ?
Should there have been a 'not' after the word does?

Norcal Chris said...

There has to be at least one name with proof out of 6 million right Mr. Dershowitz?....right? Just one is all that is being asked for.

pushax said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you've done - it's because of folk like you Mr. Smith that we've reached the point we're at today and with the momentum we have - The Internet has changed the world and the change rests upon the shoulders/research of people like you and Ernst Zundel.

The revisionists have provided the foundation on which the lies of Jewish Supremacism are being torn sapart each and every day.

Curt Maynard

Bradley R. Smith said...


Regarding the word "not". You're right. Careless. I've fixed it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Keep pushing for truth!

don said...

I have read at least a hundred books by survivors of the Nazi concentration camps. Most of these books were written well before revisionist history about the holocaust was popular. How do you explain the testimonies of all these people? Are they all liars engaged in a conspiracy about Jewish genocide? I am not saying that the figure of six millions Jews exterminated is accutate. The question is did the Nazis use these gas chambers to exterminate Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, etc.

Anonymous said...

“If there were gas chambers, everything else from the [Holocaust] narrative follows.” The implication is, if there were no gas chambers, everything else in the Holocaust narrative would “falter.”

This is a logical fallacy known as denying the antecedent.

Bradley R. Smith said...

I cannot explain the testimonies of "all these people." I am asking that Professor Dershowitz provide us with the name of one person, with proof, who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz. You have read perhaps a hundred survivor testimonies. We do not have to characterize these folk in any particular way. All we need to find is where one of these hundred survivor testimonies provide us with the name, with proof, of one child or one adult who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz. Maybe one of the hundred can do the work that the Dershowitzes and the Lipstadts are so determined to avoid.

Carl said...

If testimonies are "proof" -- then are you saying that space aliens really ARE abducting humans, and Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster actually do exist? Isn't this rock solid proof?

And if you don't believe any of those things - does that mean your a kook? Should you be imprisoned for expressing your doubts? How could any credible scientist go public and express doubts about the existence of Bigfoot in the face of hundreds of thousands of eyewitness testimonies?

The Holocaust should be much more tangible than 'space aliens', yet not ONE name?

If I told you to find you a picture of a Nazi gas chamber on the internet, you would come back with a picture of an empty concrete room -- the narrative never quite matches the "proof".

See "frightening" photos taken at Aushwitz, just WEEKS before the camp was liberated. Watch this slideshow and listen closely to the narration. What are you actually seeing -- more "proof" of the Holocaust?

Anonymous said...


While we are at it? Why don't we ask Alan why he could care less for the Palestinian children killed daily by members of the IDF and "settlers." I bet he would not have an answer to that either.

Pater Lingen said...

There is an interesting video on Youtube: "Michael Savage - Alan Dershowitz Bashing God".
As a Roman-Catholic ("sedevacantist") priest, I am not surprised that a blasphemous person utters idiotic stuff concerning "holocaust denial". I have read both books of priests who survived Nazi concentration camps, and reports about Catholics who died in these camps.
In these books, especially the parts about the gas chambers made me think.
Because they were missing.

michael said...

From Ravensbruck, 200-300 Gentile women were taken to 10 concentration camp brothels in Germany, Austria and Poland as Gestapo Chief Himmler thought it would help increase armaments output by the slave labour there who would find this conditional availability of sexual release an incentive to work harder.

These were actually German women, not Jewish, who had not been prostitutes but had committed some petty offence like stealing food.

The question then is, why didn't the camp commandants use up some of the prettier of the Jewish women in this way (rather than their own German nationals), then gas them, followed by cremation and then get a fresh batch from the next transport in ?

Clearly two conclusions can be drawn; first, there were no gas chambers because if there were then the Jewish women would have been used in the way i indicated, and second, as there were no gas chambers, the camp commandants actually were treating the Jewish women better than their own nationals !

The reason for that might have been that the Jewish women there had not committed any offence other than that they were born Jewish.

Anonymous said...

Why is it so difficult to believe that people of the Jewish faith who were interned into work camps were cremated after they died?

It is clear that the Nazi regime blamed people of the Jewish faith for ruining their economy and set out to punish them by forcing them into labor camps.

Many people in these camps died from disease, malnourishment, and abuse, but there is no proof that people were systematically gassed or cremated en masse.

We don't need to rewrite history or embellish it to see that world war II was vicious and brutal and many helpless people were killed.

As an American, I don't need to be force fed the Holocaust on a daily basis in the news media. I am not to blame for WW2 and we lost a lot of our people in defense of those innocent civilians who were caught up in the brutality of war.

We need to focus future efforts on preventing genocide of all people.

ScottishFem said...

Here is a website that anyone can submit names to and it is added to a list of Holocaust victims. You would think that someone would be honest but I also notice a link for insurance money.!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_9M

Anonymous said...

The most authentic, scholarly and prestigeous article written about the Holocaust was by a Jewish Scholar, named Neuberger. I read it a long time ago. Somehow, when I tried to locate it, I was sadly disappoint, it seems to have disappeared. I am reasonably well known and recognizable. That puts me at a disadvantage to put my real name. Apologies.
NB I am neither anti-Semitec or pro. I am a researcher and search the truth.

Yury Pereira said...

Mr. Smith. The behavior of this Dershowitz professor is not much different from the believers in my country (Brazil). Here are orthodox believers too. They use to say that deniers or non believers (my case) are anti-semite, neo-nazi, etc.
These professors will never turn their point of view, because they made part or total of their career on holocaust history.
The better way to make the world discuss openly this issue is to address it to the students, because their minds are still open. I guess you know this.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Mr. Smith,

I think the question here that is most important is - "Did the Holocaust happen - were European Jews targeted, harassed, demeaned, isolated, and killed?"

I believe that the answer to that question is a resounding Yes. Of course European Jews were placed in concentration camps. Of course, because of poor health conditions, hard labor, and destroyed morale, Jews died. There is more than ample proof to support those claims.

I don't think it matters how many Jews died during the Holocaust. I don't even think the specifics as to How/By what means they died matter. It doesn't matter if 100 people died, or 6 million - what matters is that it happened, and that it destroyed the livelihood and communities of Jews in Europe.

I do believe that, inevitably, post WWI and WWII US/European anti-German propaganda and Jewish Nationalistic propaganda may have played a role in possibly exaggerating the numbers of people killed in the Holocaust. I do also believe that the immense media exposure of the Holocaust may have been done to bolster sentiment for a Jewish State.

While I believe that you are perhaps asking the wrong sort of questions (by which I mean that if you do wish to test the veracity of the Holocaust, then perhaps you should attempt to do so directly, rather than derive meaning from the presence of Gas Chambers), and trying to derive truth from your possibly biased interpretations of the Holocaust era, I do think that, in the end, there is no harm in questioning historical events.

I think that there is a huge taboo against any sort of questioning (ie 9/11 and the Holocaust), and while I might not agree with the line of questioning, and may strongly disagree with your point(s) of view, I do think that there may be a problem within the European countries and USA, where even questioning the extent of the Holocaust, or begging to be granted access to more information, results in immediate and swift, and grossly censoring (and frankly, insulting) accusations and rebukes.

Perhaps, if you feel that there are inconsistencies, or that there may have been propaganda that played a role in the Holocaust, you should attempt to find the truth directly.

By the way, I would like to add that I do, infact believe the Holocaust happened, and was a terrible genocide against European Jews. Of course, I do think this tragedy is often (and possibly grossly) exploited in order for Israel to further its interests in the Mid-East, but I do not deny that it happened.

Anonymous said...

Mr Smith,

I wanted to contact you and others such as Mr zundel personally by letter or email to give my gratitude for your tremendous bravery.
You have all sacrificed so much in order to get the truth about one of the biggest hoaxs in history out there!!

I have read many many books, watched many interviews/debates and i have to say that in very interview/debates i have ever watched not once has any other person been able to respond logically and sufficently to any of the points you or the others put to them. it speaks volumes.

I would very much like to be part of this tremendously brave movement. as to how? i have no idea.

while i feel with some of the revisionists that their agenda is slightly motivated by other factors other than the truth, it still does not take away from the facts they present.

thank you so much for your hard effort in this fight!

Jessica Ni Cuillain