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A letter to the Jewish Chronicle

A denier replies06/06/2008

This is the fourth week that you have alluded to my work, and you ought to allow me some right of reply. You report that I’m deemed to be “antisemitic” on account of comments I’ve made about certain WWII gas chambers (JC, April 23). Your correspondent Mr Aaronovitch also averred that I was advocating “extreme Holocaust denial”.

I’m drawing a conclusion from two chemical studies by Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf (1988 and 1991), which suggest that no mass cyanide gassing could have taken place in the Auschwitz chambers because the residual cyanide just isn’t there. Whereas it is present at high levels in the delousing chamber walls. I hope and believe that I’m not in any way antisemitic or neo-Nazi, as people are now telling me.

I’m just looking critically, as a science historian, at the evidence for certain chambers having been used in conjunction with Zyklon-B insecticide in the war. It is true that I had an opportunity to present this matter on Iranian TV, but I’d be happy to argue it anywhere else. I wouldn’t mind having an apology for calling me a racist. I’m not doubting that this period of history was the most terrible in the collective memory of the Jewish people in which vast numbers of them died and have no objection to this being called “the Holocaust”.

Nicholas Kollerstrom, nk@astro3.demon

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