Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don't let the devil take your mind

Yesterday I was following up on Dick Meyer, the Bullshit Vigilante, putting together a mailing list of NPR reporters, having some trouble with it, when I came across NPR’s World Café via WXPN-FM and a young musician named Jackie Green. I hadn’t heard of him. He was to sing one of his own pieces he calls “Don’t Let The Devil Take Your Mind.” I thought it a nice title. I listened to it. He had me. The sound, the lyrics, the delivery. One line, “A baby crying from the well,” was particularly striking.

Today I worked okay through the morning but by mid-afternoon it was over. It’s not physical tiredness, but that attention closes down. Not all the way, but far enough where nothing interests it. I still recognize what I need to do, but without the encouragement of attention there's no recourse. The inclination is to just sit wherever it is I am, silent, the eyes somewhat out of focus.

This afternoon I forced myself to get out of the house and drive to the little, largely empty shopping center to my mail drop. I thought it was Friday and my last day to pick up a shipment of a vegetable supplement called All Day Energy Greens. Actually it's Thursday. While I was there in the office I got a call from Dr. Dent in Head and Neck at the La Jolla VA. He told me it had been decided that he would perform a surgical biopsy on the throat next week. He gave me the date and hour. He said once that was out of the way Dr. Go would have the information he needs to begin treatment. Dr. Dent looks like the actor Hugh Grant. Wonderfully uncertain smile.

Tonight went out walking in the fresh night air but there was nowhere to walk so I came back and sat down to the computer. I remembered Jackie Green and clicked on the URL to the World Café and played “Don’t Let the Devil Take Your Mind.” And here I am now, listening to a few cuts from three of his albums. None of it catches my attention like “Devil” but it’s just the ticket while I sit here, alone, to do a little typing.

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