Monday, September 15, 2008

The Professional Challenge

Got back a bit early today and began copying my 07 September 2008 letter addressed to

Mogens Schmidt,
Deputy Assistant Director-General for Communications and Information
Division for Freedom of Expression, Democracy and Peace,

to relevant folk at UNESCO. I began with the full Staff of UNESCO's Communication and Information Sector, with a note stating that I have received no reply from Mr. Schmidt in one week. I copied the same letter to the staff of the New York University Department of Journalism.

For these sends to third parties in journalism I am adding a footnote statement below the text, as part of the letterhead. It reads:


The Professional Challenge: To continue to work as stenographers
for the Holocaust Industry, or to report on the story.


This is only the beginning with the distribution of the Schmidt letter. Meanwhile, I have a very good idea for the next text that I hope to get off the ground by Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon I have to head back north to La Jolla for still more labs.

Meanwhile, if you should want to forward the Schmidt letter to relevant third parties, be my guest. I would like you to do that. At the same time, it is absolutely necessary that you forward it as is, with no editing, no proofing.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am a Swedish entrepeneur recently expatriated to Switzerland. On i stumbled on the talk show from 1994 where you appeared together with David Cole. The calmness and manners displayed by you during this hour of onslaught must have filled any decent person with admiration, regardless of their preconceptions about the subject.

It was only one year later, when I got my first Internet modem, that I started to check up on the monstrous accusations against the Germans, which we have all been breast-fed. The debate on the validity of these accusations drew my attention since the accusations seem to constantly somehow "spill over" on Swedes who dare to resist political policies of converting Sweden into a multi-ethnical society.

I would be most interested in studying your newsletter and will register accordingly.

Yours respectfully,

Carl Lundström