Monday, September 22, 2008

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: Background

My letter to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon regarding the terror expressed by the American Jewish Committee over what it calls “Holocaust denial” has been copied to the members of The UNESCO Communication and Information Sector, to IFEX -- The International Freedom of Expression Exchange, the worldwide National Commissions of UNESCO, the members of The Permanent Delegations of all Member States of the UN, and to members of the Permanent Missions to the UN based in New York City.

Next I’ll begin copying to the press. The Ahmadinejad story is not going to end tomorrow with his address to the United Nations. At the moment, this is all foot-work. Today also I was refused permission to buy space in The Columbia Spectator to place my advertisement titled “A Question for the Holocaust Memorial Museum.” Those of you who get Smith’s Report in hardcopy have seen the layout. Those who view SR online only can get the sense of it by clicking on the UNESCO Project.

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paul maleski said...

Just placed a blog on Hoover Hog, The Soviet Archives--- so many aspects of the Holocaust do not stack up. It it as if myriad layers of half truths, contrived fabrications, misguided memories, damn right lies, malicious distortions, propaganda masquerading as documentary, obfuscating exaggerations, have been piled upon one another, for so many years, that today it almost impossible to discern fact from fantasy.