Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Alleged Holocaust denier allowed bail

District judge says German extradition warrant ‘not valid’ and must be discharged. Fredrick Töben granted bail pending appeal by Germany but on strict conditions.

By Joshua Rozenberg
Last Updated: 4:09PM GMT 29 Oct 2008

Fredrick Töben, the alleged Holocaust denier detained in London a month ago, will be released on bail if he can raise £100,000.

The sum of money is described as “security” rather than a surety because it must be lodged with the court and not merely pledged.

Other bail conditions imposed by District Judge Daphne Wickham are residence at an approved address, daily reporting to the police, surrender of all passports, no participation in public meetings, no media interviews and no use of the internet — even to receive information.

It is difficult to see how this last condition could be enforced.

(Smith comments) "Heh, heh."

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