Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dismantling a massive multi-billion dollar industry

Australian revisionist Fredrick Toben will remain in jail in London until 29 October waiting for a British judge to decide whether to allow him to be extradited to Germany to be tried for crimethink. Meanwhile, the Communication and Information sector of UNESCO, promoting “freedom of expression and freedom of the press as a basic human right” will have nothing to say on the matter as a matter of principle.

At the same time Toben recently put his finger on exactly one of the problems for those of us who believe that the Holocaust question should be open to the routine examination that all other historical questions are open to. Toben writes that we are, among other things, “dismantling a massive multi-billion dollar industry” that the Holocaust-Shoah enforcers are exploiting for their own ends. Follow the money. Follow the influence, and follow the money.


Roy writes from Norway. (I have straightened out the English a bit.) “Welcome to Norway. I don’t know if you are right or not, but if you are not allowed to say here in Norway what you think, or show what you can document, then I will be next, and that means tyranny. I will have to be arrested because I stood up for you. So welcome. If you are right, the reality of what you are talking about is uglier than I would have imagined."


One of my assistants goes by the name of “Azul” – that is “Blue.” Blue is the fellow who about ten days ago witnessed two gunmen exiting a taco shop a couple blocks from here after gunning down a retired policeman and wounding two others who got in the way. A couple days ago he told me that the brother of one of his friends was having lunch in a Tijuana seafood restaurant with a fellow who was associated with people he should not have been associated with when three men entered the restaurant and killed him at the table where they were eating. Blue’s friend was not shot. He was a witness. I think they should have shot him on principle. But then that’s me.

Last night I was out walking on the Boulevard. I was back from the VA and a chemo session only a few hours but the steroids were still working and I could walk a few blocks. I was sitting on a low wall in front of the Casablanca bar resting, a book in my hand, when two cop cars swooped in, one on either side of me, the cops getting out quick carrying long guns which is not the norm, one of them nodding his head in a way to tell me to get out of the way. I was already getting out of the way. I crossed the street hoping I was not going to hear any rounds go off and walked back the way I had come. In the event, there was no shooting. The Casablanca used to be called The Hemmingway.


We’re working on the Homepage for CODOH. It looks real good to me. But then, that’s me. Once we get it up, if any of you have any suggestions, I’ll be all ears.

With regard to the cancer thing, I’m getting all kinds of interesting information. I’ll devote a page to iut one day so everyone can understand what I am doing and why. At bottom, I don’t know what to do. There is an endless amount of research to investigate, and I couldn’t wait, the thing was moving very fast. It started in the neck and throat but moved very quickly all the way down through the chest into the abdomen and I didn’t think it was time for me to quit work and go to school to decide among the dozens of alternative approaches that are available. In the event, the latest news is good news yet again. It is all still there, but the cat scans show that the malignant nodes and clusters of malignant nodes are all diminished in size and I am having no side effects other than exhaustion, particularly the first five or six days after the infusion process. That means the rest of this week.

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