Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't want to hear anything I don't need to hear

Bad night last night. Exhausted but unable to sleep. Four cups strong coffee at 11am this morning and was able to come awake for the afternoon and then some. I’m working on a release for the UNESCO Symposium to be held in Pairs next week and another for an Elie Wiesel event, also for next week. I am also going back and forth with two campus newspapers about running my ad titled “A Question for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.” We’ll see.

Turns out the other night when I was resting in front of the Casablanca Bar and the two patrol cars swooped in on either side of me and the officers got out with long guns the guy inside was already dead. That’s why I didn’t hear any rounds go off. Our daughter Paloma tells us the dead man is the cousin of one of our neighbors. That’s all I know about it. I don’t want to hear anything I don’t need to hear.

This evening at 9pm I was about to leave the house when Irene came into the patio and asked if I had heard the shooting. I hadn’t. Then I heard the sirens. I walked up toward the Boulevard and watched six patrol cars race north, sirens blasting and lights flashing, then three ambulances, then two more police cars and another ambulance. Must have been a successful event. I think it was happening in front of Pepe’s where we buy our bird seed and stuff for the animals.

Last month when most of my hair fell out over a period of six, seven days, I was shy about visiting people I know. Then the forearm erupted with red swellings that had pus in them, and now the backs of both hands have done the same. I’m getting used to it and am more or less moving around in a normal way. Not entirely. Yesterday we took photos for my Mexican passport. Not as pretty as I used to be.

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