Saturday, October 11, 2008

Toben, Irving, Mahler and lice, lice everywhere

Fredrik Toben was to be in court yesterday in London to face extradition to Germany for expressing doubts about the Holocaust story. In the event, the hearing was put off for another week. Andreas Grossmann, the Mannheim district prosecutor handling Dr Toben's case, says that despite Toben’s attempts to avoid extradition from Britain to Germany, he expected Dr Toben to be on trial early next year where he faces up to five years in jail for thought crimes.


David Irving was to speak at the Norwegian Festival of Literature but the board of the Festival withdrew its invitation after other authors, free speech activists all, threatened to pull out of the program. Festival chief Randi Skeie says that "Initially we wanted to expose Irving as a liar and swindler, but then the issue became a question of free speech. Everything is fine as long as everyone agrees, but things get more difficult when one doesn’t like the views being put forward."


Horst Mahler went on trial on 08 October accused of publishing documents on the Internet denying the Holocaust. Denial of the Nazi Holocaust is a crime in Germany. Mahler has been charged with incitement [to tell the truth is “incitement” in Hunland] and faces up to five years in prison if convicted. Mahler had been found guilty earlier of condoning a crime for saying the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in the United States were justified. They were, of course, in the eyes of those who carried out the attack. But that’s another story.


Steve Ferris sent me this. It’s more proof of Nazi atrocities, more evidence undermining revisionist arguments, but in the interests of full disclosure I think I should publish it here.

More proof of Nazi atrocities:
Leading statisticians and document analysts have uncovered irrefutable documentary proof that Adolf Hitler (with premeditation and malice aforethought) did willfully order the extermination (using Zyklon B) of more than 6 Trillion innocent Lice! Some experts put the casualties as high as 60 Trillion. Along with the documentary proof, Forensic investigators have found Gas Chambers (the murder weapon) in many places in Germany and Poland. Thousands of empty cans of Zyklon B were also found, and many eye-witnesses have come forward and testified under oath, saying "I saw it with my own eyes"! On August 8 2008 a team of forensic examiners were sent to Auschwitz to take soil samples and it was discovered (using Scanning Electron Microscopy) that in a single one ounce sample, the skeletal remains of some 1,200 Lice were found! Many critics deny the evidence saying "they did a Lousy job", while others say "Never Again"!

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