Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More than fascist, more than Nazi, I am Italian

A reader has sent me a summary (not a strict translation) of a story originating in Rome. It’s one more news story that illustrates the growing resentment in Europe toward the Holocaust Marketing Industry and its refusal to allow any real debate on the Holocaust question.


Some 250 students, age 17-18, in a School of Fine Arts in Rome, went on a trip to Auschwitz organized by the mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, a youthful neo-fascist, today an anti-fascist, and accompanied by Alemanno M. Pacifici, leader of the Jewish community of Rome.

On their return students and teachers met on Saturday, Nov. 15 to discuss the trip when teacher Roberto Valvo, who had said nothing about the project till then, literally "exploded," declaring that the Holocaust is "a lie invented by the British" and that Italians should think more about their own dead than the Jews, who "aren't Italian" anyway. The preceding Wednesday he had told a meeting of teachers that "There's no proof of the Shoah; let's speak rather of Italian victims and not of the Jews."

To a student who asked "are you fascist" he replied, "More than fascist, more than Nazi, I am Italian." And to a group of students he said, "To film the extermination camps after the liberation they had recourse to Alfred Hitchcock. It would seem that they would have been able to get somebody a bit more impartial."

The disciplinary commission is apparently studying sanctions . . . .

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Larry Fafarman said...


This message is off-topic, but I think it is the best way of reaching you.

I am a holocaust revisionist. My main argument is that a "systematic" Jewish holocaust was impossible because the Nazis had no objective and reliable ways of identifying Jews and non-Jews. This is an unusual argument -- I have never seen this argument raised directly by anyone else. The argument has been raised indirectly by others, particularly by Edwin Black in his book "IBM and the Holocaust," in which he claimed that he discovered the means by which the Nazis identified all of the Jews of Europe: by means of IBM Hollerith-card machines. My blog has two post-label groups of articles about holocaust revisionism [1] [2] (the reason for the two groups is that the Blogger.com template format that I am using limits me to 20 articles per post label). My blog also has two post-label groups about the Darwin-to-Hitler issue [3] [4]. These post labels are also listed in the sidebar of the home page of my blog (listed as "Holocaust revisionism" and "Darwin-to-Hitler").

I have added this blog and Deborah Lipstadt's blog to my blog's list of external links.